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For Markie on his Eighth Birthday October 19, 1995

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It’s that kind of a day!

Not a day like any other.

You wake up beside your favorite brother

and not your father is taking care of you

This morning but your mother.

Now you go out to school, but just as an excuse

to see your teacher stand on a table

and say she is the Queen of Scream

and it’s not even a dream.

It’s that kind of a day!

Then your father comes to pick you up

in the old clunker

that needs another repair

so that wherever we’re going

we get there.

We pick up Josh and buy some presents.

Ashley and Mom meet us at the Round Table

and we eat as much pizza as we are able.

We go back home to eat the happy-birthday cake,

which we didn’t even have to bake!

Markie blows out each and every candle

with more blessings than we can handle.

It’s that kind of a day!


Written by peterkrey

August 5, 2006 at 6:54 am

Posted in My Poems

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