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A Tree is a Forest

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A tree is a forest

Many a forest in miniature,

Arrayed softly in similes that

Laughingly swirl like a girl

In whispering-willing, living leaves –

Each specially caressed by soft winds.

Caught unaware in any whim,

A tree, in attitude another, so strangely new –

Ravishingly fresh is found –

Only alone, together with an inner multitude,

Longing to be counted everyone more beautiful.

Taken in four moments:

Under wintry sky, see shriven limbs with hyssop laden;

Coming buds bursting into excitement;

Kerchiefed, then, in greenery for the summer’s sun;

Even turning into flaming tongues for Fall:

Reasons, merely, metaphors all.

For Amalie – April 17, 1967


Written by peterkrey

August 7, 2006 at 7:56 pm

Posted in My Poems

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