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The Flashlight Song written October 21, 2006

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The Flashlight Song

Sung after Corrie Ten Boom’s Children Sermon using a flashlight to show the children how the unobstructed batteries are needed in a flashlight (in the same way that our unblocked faith is needed) if we are going to shine. First the flashlight does not work. You open it and you had put a dirty rag or sock in it. Then you say, “You have to have a pure heart to shine.” You take out the dirty rag and say, “Confession is good for the soul.” Then you put in the batteries but it still does not work. You take the batteries out and give it a shake and a folded dollar bill, that you had put in, falls out. “Ah, money has gotten into the way! So the batteries did not work.” Our faith in money often short-circuits our faith in God and receiving everything from God. After this object lesson for the children, we can sing this little song:

The Flashlight Song

1. Please give me that flashlight.

I want to see that flashlight.

I want to make it shine

around me all the time.

This is spoken: (Jesus makes me say: “Oh, I see. Now I can see!”)

2. Jesus is my flashlight.

The dark will never make me up-tight.

This little light of mine,

He’s going to make it shine.

3. My batteries are all charged up

because Jesus fills my heart up

with heavenly faith divine

and loves me all the time.

(Now in a lilting melody)

Oh let’s waltz in the light,

let’s walk in the light,

Let’s dance in the light of heaven so bright.

We’ll walk in the light, the beautiful light,

Jesus, the light of the world!

4. Oh, Jesus is my flashlight.

I’ll never-ever be up-tight.

He’s going to make me shine

because God made Jesus mine.

(The last two lines are repeated again and then the last line goes up instead of down.)

Written for the children of Old Zion Lutheran Church of Philadelphia 10/21/2006


Written by peterkrey

November 3, 2006 at 6:50 am

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