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Jesus Came to Jacob’s Well

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Jesus Came to Jacob’s Well


1.    Jesus came to Jacob’s well,

            resting there for a little spell,

      While the disciples went to get some bread.

      “I’m thirsty from walking.” to himself he said.


2.    The well was deep, no bucket about

            for him to draw some water out.

      So he quenched another thirst,

            right then and there.

      He drank living water while steeped in prayer.


3.    The hour was noon, the sun was high.

            Nobody now would be coming by

            to fetch water in the hot sun,

      unless, perhaps, to avoid everyone.


4.    Because a Samaritan woman appeared in the place

            with a hesitant step, and a beautiful face.

      She was shocked to see a Jew,

            and to be alone with a man, was frightening, too.


5.    Turning to run, she heard him say:

            “Won’t you give me a drink? It’s hot today.”

      “Oh my God, you’re a rabbi and a Jew,

            and you want a drink from a Samaritan, a woman, too?”


6.    “If you knew who you were talking to –

            the gift of God and life anew,

      You’d ask him for some living water

            to change you into God’s own daughter.”


7.    “Where will you get that water from?

            I have a bucket, but you have none.

      Here take a drink and wake up.

            You’re not greater than our Father Jacob.


8.    It was Jacob gave us this well first.

            His twelve sons and their flocks

            knelt down on these rocks,

      drank this water, and quenched their thirst.


9.    “My daughter, what you need is living water,

            the source of life that wells up inside you,

            a fountain of joy, whatever betides you,

            the water of life forever to guide you.

      One drink and you’ll never thirst again.”



10.   “Sir, give me that heavenly water.

            Let me be God’s own daughter.

      If I drink eternal water first

            never again will I ever thirst?”


11.   “Get your husband and come back.”  

      “Dear sir, it’s a husband that I lack.”  

      Jesus listened to her story.

            He didn’t judge her. Don’t you worry.


12.   “Five husbands have gone through your doors,

            and now the one you’re living with, isn’t yours.

      But I have come to save the lost.

            I have come to pay the cost.


13.   So sweet the grace of these suggestions,

            she had some more religious questions:

      “Is it on this holy mountain that we should God adore,

            or is it only in Jerusalem’s temple forevermore?

      Now, tell me please, which place do we select

            for our worship of God to be correct?”


14.   Jesus answered, “The hour is coming,

            and it’s here right now,

            that the place won’t matter anyhow.

      For God is spirit, and for those who are true

            and worship in spirit, any place will do.”


15.   “I know the Messiah will come.” said she.

      “You are speaking to the one.” said he.

      The disciples returned in consternation

            seeing both of them in conversation.


16.   The woman and Jesus had no inkling

            about what the disciples now were thinking.

      Indeed, Samaritan, woman, five-time divorcée,

            Jesus reached out to her that day.


17.   And right there, she left her water jar,

            sent by the Spirit, called from afar,

      She brought her whole village to Jesus.

            “Look, look,” she said, “he already sees us!”


18.               And living water clear as a bell,

            refreshed the people from another well.

            And when they heard his beautiful word, they said,

      “Woman, we no longer have to take your word for it!

            Amen, Jesus, your spirit frees us!”


Peter Krey March 6, 1999


Written by peterkrey

November 20, 2006 at 3:54 am

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