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A Passion Song

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               A Passion Song


        Repent all you believers

               God sent his Son

                       to die for you.

        Forty days to change your ways,

                       make you genuine and true.


        O Jesus still our refuge,

                 when temptations

                       steal our love from you.

        Ignite fresh passion in us

                       and make our spirits new.


        Hosanna, Lord and Savior,

                 these palms we wave

                       to welcome you.

        Enter our hearts, your city,

                 Jerusalem anew.


        O Jesus, Lord and Savior,

                  our sins have nailed

                        and broken you.

        Upon the cross, your life was lost

                 on those rails so hard and cruel.


        O risen Lord, we greet you.

                 The bands of death

                        you’ve broken through.

        Your cross opened up the waters,

                        and the way to heaven, too.


Peterkrey  March 22, 1998 



Written by peterkrey

March 5, 2007 at 6:25 am

Posted in My Songs

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