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                 A miracle rabbit



                    my miracle world.


                   That hat

                           he hops out of

                     is his story

                              and my story,

                    because I am a miracle.


                  In God’s silence –

                          is his miracle motion –

                     as he dashes out of my world,

                Leaving me to blend into bland nature

                         (But for Christ)

                His little flag

                             in the blue night air

                        bobbing whitely at will

                                waved to me.

                     There can be no mistake.


                                For Raymond Abba

                                 April 29, 1968


Written by peterkrey

May 9, 2007 at 5:55 am

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  1. June 23rd 2007

    About “Miracles” an early Poem written in 1968

    I had just read (1968) Raymond Abba’s, The Nature and Authority of the Bible, (Muhlenberg Press, 1958) and felt inspired by his scholarly faith.

    Northeastern University, which I had been attending, was very secular and I had been arguing with fellow students for the reality of miracles.

    Raymond Abba first introduced me to promise and fulfillment as Gospel and salvation history. I think he also had a chapter on miracles and he presented a view that the whole creation can be considered a miracle. Thus seeing a rabbit, I said, that is a miracle rabbit. It exists because of the miracle of God’s creation. That this world exists is not a given. Because God created it, it is a miracle, too.

    The word “ hat” is not supposed to make a reader think that the subject is a magic show and I am writing about a “magic rabbit.” I want to say that a creature only appears and exists because of God’s miracle of creation out of nothing. That the rabbit is created is his/story to pun on history, because God’s miracles are the events of salvation history. I am also created, so like the rabbit, I too am a miracle. Even the motion of the running rabbit is miracle action and the sign of the reality of miracles is his white tail waving to me.

    History of promise and fulfillment is involved with the spirit and otherwise I would sink into nature and not be part of the events of salvation history that Christ set into motion. Our mutual existence, as the little cotton tail bobbed out of sight, gave me a sign that I cannot be mistaken: the whole creation is a miracle.

    The word “flag” comes from “The Yearling,” which I had just read. The little boy says, “If I had a fawn, I’d call it ‘Flag’ after its tail.”

    An explanation of a poem like this, kills it, of course. The whole wonder of a boy seeing a rabbit is lost.


    July 28, 2007 at 2:15 pm

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