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The Tree of Temptation

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                    The Tree of Temptation


We had a green apple tree

in our back yard,

at 96 Old Ferry Road in Ward Hill, near where

  one knows that the Merrimac flows.     


It slanted invitingly over a fence,

  where a sidewalk ran along it brokenly.

    If the city were more dense

        and then again discrete,

               it could have poured some concrete.


   Even when they were real small,

        the kids ate them all.

    The unripe green apples

were as sour as they were delicious.


        Why complain and lament?

            In our neighborhood

                 that tree

raised havoc with

the seventh commandment.


How could they help stealing

those little green apples,

and not persist,

if Adam and Eve

       could not resist?


                         Not a ripe one,

                                 not a season,

                                          not an apple

with any reason.

Standing on the


he was.

I caught one,

and reaching

 way up

he got one.



July 15th 2007


Written by peterkrey

July 22, 2007 at 2:28 am

Posted in My Poems

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