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March 11th 2008
See my page on Blogging my thoughts. I have a new entry for March 3, 2008 on the social psychology George Herbert Mead about conservative institutions and narrow selves.

Then another entry for February 28, 2008 about the late William F. Buckley, who called himself Jr., but really a priest did not allow him to be called “Frank” so he had to be called “Francis.” Later, disobeying the priest, I guess, he changed his name to Frank in order to be a Jr.

In Germany when my mother and father wanted to name us in the Third Reich, the NAZI officials would not allow Rhoda, because it was not a German name. We had to call her Ursula. I guess they did not realize that was a Latin name. We called her Uschie until we arrived in America and then we called her Rhoda. Imagine interfering with the parents’ choice of a name!? Some officials go out of bounds.

Note on my symbols in the Philosophy of Language lectures. The arrows and other symbols do not come into wordpress, so I don’t know how to put in accurate symbolism. Perhaps I’ll have to write up the symbols with words. I’m working on performative declarations and God’s creation, action, and world-change, but I have not worked with the material for over ten years and I am relearning it.


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March 11, 2008 at 9:22 pm

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