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Come Holy Spirit, Fill my Heart by Heinrich von Loufenberg

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I had difficulty translated this one from the Middle High German, because I could not make it flow. I had to put it aside for a few weeks and now I think it works reasonably well. Date: June through July 3, 2008.

Come Holy Spirit, Fill my Heart

by Heinrich von Loufenberg (fifteenth century)

1/Come Holy Spirit, fill my heart,

Ignite in me your love.

Your sweetness make my pain depart,

Enlighten the mind of my soul above.

2/You alone give peace and oneness,

In you my heart and feelings rest.

By your divine and gracious goodness,

Put your peace within my breast.

3/Ah, of pure hearts, the light and shine,

Glow in this dark glen of mine.

Ah, true consolation, pour in alone

And let my soul become your home.

4/Ah, noble Spirit with seven gifts,

Come today and be my guest.

That you I live, to me, your joy give,

Come into me, relax and rest.

5/Come my rescue and my salvation

Through your holy name’s vocation,

Leave me, Spirit, never again,

Here nor there forever. Amen.

My Heath Anthology says, cf. the antiphony: Veni sancte spiritus

In German:

1/Komm heilger Geist, erfüll min Herz,

entzünd in mir din Minne.

Din Süssigkeit vertreib den Schmerz,

erleucht minr Seelen Sinne.

2/In dir allein ist Fried und Sunn,

in dir ruht das Gemüte,

in mir auch wollest Friede tun

durch din göttliche Güte.

3/Ach reiner Herzen lichter Schin,

glänz in minr finstren Kluse,

ach edler Trost, giess dich darin,

min Seel wird hüt din Huse.

4/Ach edler Geist mit sieben Gaben,

nun si noch heut min Gaste,

dass ich dir leb und dich mög laben,

nimm bi mir Ruh und Raste.

5/Komm, min Heil, min Seligkeit,

durch dinen heiligen Namen,

von mir dich nimmermehr gescheidt

hie und dort immer. Amen.

From the Heath Anthology of German Poetry, edited by August Closs and T. Pugh Williams, (Boston: D.C. Heath and Company, Undated, 1950?), page 99.


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July 3, 2008 at 10:26 pm

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