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The Parable Song: the Sower and the Seed

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The Parable Song

1. Let‘s pray for Gods help again,

So no birds come snatch us away.

Let‘s pray for God’s help again,

So the sun won‘t scorch us by day.

2. Help move those rocks all around,

Sink your roots deep in the ground.

The choke-holds of thorns break apart,

Let the Spirit’s breath fill your heart.

First Refrain:

Now yield a bold hundred fold,

With ventures of faith yet untold.

Christ prays for the harvest, amen.

Let‘s pray for God’s help again.

Second Refrain:

The sower and seed that is sown

Make Christ‘s new garden your own

Filled with Christ’s fruit, amen and amen.

Let’s pray for God‘s people again.

(Sing verses 1 and 2 and first refrain,

then 1 and 2 and second refrain.)

For Good Shepherd, Concord, CA. P. Krey 07/14/2002

N.B. I wanted to include Mark singing this song, but mp3’s do not work with wordpress.

Here is a scan of the approximate notes. They are not right, because I’ll put in a quarter note and the Midi Studio program just changes it. It is the best I can do until I learn to write notes. What I cannot work out is the time signature. Here it is 3/4 I think, but I had to add quarter notes in places.



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July 10, 2008 at 8:33 pm

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