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Translating a Family Blessing

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We always sang this blessing song. My father would intone it and we in our family would all follow singing it together. Then I translated it and introduced singing it in Vacation Church School and Day Camp in Coney Island as a benediction.

I remember how our family held hands and sang it around the open grave of my little brother James, who had died in the UNRA camp in Schwanheim, Germany after World War II. If anyone ever complained about food, we would say, “All you need is eight days of Schwanheim (acht Tage Schwanheim), then you will never complain again.”

Die Gnade unsers Herrn Jesus Christus und die Liebe Gottes, und die Gemeinschaft des Heil’gen Geistes, sei mit uns alle, mit uns alle . Amen.


The grace of our Lord Christ Jesus, the love of God, and the Holy Spirit’s fellowship, be with us all, be with us all. Amen. Amen.

It comes from St. Paul, of course, the closing benediction of his second Letter to the Corinthians 13:13.


Written by peterkrey

August 22, 2008 at 5:42 pm

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