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A Song for Trinity Lutheran Church in Fort Bragg, California, the summer of 2002

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Several years ago, May through August, 2002, I served the dear people of Trinity Lutheran Church up in Fort Bragg, California, driving up there every other week for two services. Taking route 128 through the Anderson Valley took me through breath-taking scenery. You first hit incredibly winding curves through California’s golden hills, then you hit the luscious wineries, then the solemn redwood groves that have the grandeur of cathedrals, after which you drive along a river that opens up to the sea. There are still beautiful moors as you continue on route 1, where there is also whale watching on the ocean. Usually I was still preparing my sermon while driving that beautiful road. Suddenly it was like driving through the wonderful natural words of God, communing with God in that wine country in the middle of that liturgy of Route 128. I sang the song to the congregation that morning and yesterday Mark and I recorded it for the first time.

Driving Route 128 to Ft. Bragg, California

1. Come share with us / the beautiful life

received in Christ,

Come share with us / the beautiful life

received in Christ.

There are winding curves /  that take some nerve

to negotiate

There are winding curves / where you can swerve

on Route 128.

2. The golden hills / embrace the thrills / of amazing grace,

the heavens above / declare God’s love

with sweetest phrase.

3. Cascading vines / in Eucharist lines

commune the earth,

Clustering flood, / life-giving blood,

of Christ’s new birth.

1. The redwoods stand / on gospel land

green shouts of praise

Aged awesome halls / with hallowed walls

their Cathedrals raise.

2. The shade, the dream / the gurgling stream,

and refreshing scents.

A graceful deer / sees us near

and clears a fence.

2. Then the ocean breeze / sweeps through the trees

opening the sky

the river winds / and searching finds

the thirsty tide.

3. the lumbering moor / wild flower shore

of the turquoise sea.

Green rolling hills / and seagull shrills

of eternity

1. migrating whales / with powerful tails

spout exultantly

the pounding surf / wakes up the earth

sparkling and free

1. resounding sound / makes the word abound

so naturally. ( repeat)

1. Come share with us / the beautiful life

received in Christ,

Come share with us / the beautiful life

received in Christ.

1,2,and 3, stand for different parts of the melody. The slashes represent spacing of the poetry here.

For Trinity Lutheran Church, Ft. Bragg, California


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August 28, 2008 at 3:26 pm

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