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Christmas Proclamation for 1988

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Don’t forget that clicking on these .pdf- files makes them appear at 170%. It is easy to go up to the tool bar and make them 125 or 100%. That makes them much more pleasant reading.

Introduction, Title Page, and Contents


1. Psalm Study, Psalm 114


2. All Saints Sermon for Nov. 6, 1988, “We Feebly Struggle, They in Glory Shine!”

(I’d forgotten how much we suffered in Coney Island!)


3. Sermon for First Advent, 1988, “The End of the World. Plant an Apple Tree!”


4. Sermon for Second Advent, 1988, “The Royal Highway.”


5. Advent Message to St. Paul’s of Coney Island: getting ready for Christmas means getting ready to care!


6. Sermon for the Third Advent, 1988, “A Voice Crying in the Wilderness, Rejoice!”

Rereading the Third Advent makes me cry. Our church sat on a dreadful corner surrounded by an empty waste of razed houses on two sides and an empty, rat infested Brighten Laundry building that took in a whole city block behind that. There were some bus companies and the Brooklyn Union Gas Company, its yard and all their trucks, too. But facing the church and the old community for which the church was built was Luna Park, a huge settlement of Mitchell-Lama Housing. Discrimination pushed the old community back into the island and Luna Park was 80% Jewish and 20% Italian and our church was one third Black, a third Puerto Rican, and a third Caucasian. The Italian and Jewish attrition of Luna Park was replaced by Jews fresh from Russia. The old community which had lived around the church was pushed back into the Coney Island and we had to bus them one to three miles to get them to the church. In those days Coney Island was a social disaster area. Improving your life meant leaving the area.


7. Sermon for the Fourth Advent, 1988, “Luther’s View of Mary, the Mother of God.”


8. Christmas Message, 1988, “Let the Morning Stars Sing Together!”


9. Christmas Sermon, 1988, “The Creation of Christ.” God’s movie projector plays the live creation and we live God’s love in Paradise again. In the old Green Hymnal, The Lutheran Book of Worship, it was number 47; in the new maroon hymnal, the Evangelical Lutheran Worship, it is number 287: “Let All Together Praise Our God,” in German, “Lobt Gott Ihr Christen Alle Gleich,” verse six:

Today God unlocks the gates to Paradise once more.

The Cherubim don’t swing their fiery swords like before.

Christ is its entrance, Christ its door!

Let our praises rise, up to the gracious skies,



10. Sermon for New Year’s, 1988 to 1989, “The New Year Begins with Advent and Christmas.” Poinsettias are metaphors for our Holy Nativities.


11. Sermon for the Baptism of our Lord,

(not preached). This first sermon seems to feel sin to be very strong and redemption to be very weak. The second sermon, which was the actually preached one, makes the pivot from lamentation into praise, because God has heard our cry. At the bottom of page 2, “boarders” should be spelled, “borders.”


12. Sermon for the Baptism of our Lord (preached). “The Unquenchable Flame of Love and the Reed Unshaken by the Wind.”


13. Conclusion



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December 30, 2008 at 5:36 am

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