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Heiligabendgottesdienst, Manteca, California, 1997

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Peached in German, this is a short four page sermon, preached in United Lutheran Church in Manteca, the valley of California. I believe this was my first time that I preached and did the service there. (I continued until 2005, that was nine times.) The Heimat Choir came with 80 voices. The rural area filled the church. (I’m not used to preaching before so many people!) I played a medley of German carols with my trumpet and had them singing all those songs that Germans love so much. (Have you ever heard Heino singing them?)

Line two should be “auf Deutsch.” Because German is my mother tongue, it makes the story of Christ’s birth so much more intimate (vertraut) for me. This child becomes the Lord of our innermost hearts. Christ is the Son of Righteousness, and sorry Copernicus, our world circles around him [in our heaven of grace, let me add], as we pray, “your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

On page three “Hertzen” should be “Herzen.” And “Das” should be “Dass” right after that. I quote Karl Rahner too: “To eat oneself is fleshly, to share food with others is spiritual.”

Again: clicking on this .pdf- file makes it appear at 170%. It is easy to go up to the tool bar and make it 125 or 100%. That makes it much more pleasant reading.



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December 30, 2008 at 6:03 am

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