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Epiphany and Day of the Three Kings January 6, 2009

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xmnt_073We love this day, because we had so many happy occasions on it. The Spanish service used to fill the church and we had Christmas pageants and plays and the Three Kings brought gifts for the children if they had some straw for their camels.

It also marks Nora and my Wedding Anniversary. We were married by the Rev. Richard Miller in St. Paul’s Coney Island on a snowy Epiphany 1979. My sister Priscilla was my best man. Pr. Miller could not officiate and be the best man at the same time. We came in with Bach’s Cantata No. 140, “Sleepers Awake,” played by a brass ensemble and left to Orley’s Trombones, a Dixieland piece. In the preface to our wedding vows we promised to continue doing mission. There were 230 people filling the church hall, because all were invited. We had potluck as well as catered food and we had more than enough. A big burley pastor, who was quite a ham, sang “O Perfect Love” beside the piano in a very high woman’s voice. He was really lip-singing, because Pastor Miller’s wife, Carolyn, was really singing from her hiding place behind the piano. We laughed so hard our ribs hurt. It was a German and Colombian match and today we are celebrating our Thirtieth Anniversary. When our son Ashley is asked whether he is German or Colombian, he says, “I’m Lutheran.”

The Wedding Bulletin: for viewing, click on picoo3 then reduce it on the top bar from 170% to 100%, then for pages 2-3, 4-5, etc. hit button on top bar to rotate clockwise. That makes it possible to read.



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January 6, 2009 at 8:00 am

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