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“I Will Make You Fishers Again” Epiphanay III, Children’s Sermon

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I Will Make You Fishers Again


Jesus is calling!

I will make you fishers again

for women and men

and also children.

I will make you fishers again

for the Lord. Amen.

Peter, Jimmy, Philip, and John

all came along

a happy new throng.

Mary, Suzie, Maggie, and Joan

all came from home.

Let us all then obey his voice

so we can rejoice,

we are God’s choice.

Let us all just drop everything

and go follow him.


Jesus is calling!

The Lesson: Mark 1:14-20

This is a song that I changed in a children’s sermon from the original “I will Make You Fishers of Men” to make it less sexist and to put children’s names into its verses.

I talked about how hard it was to bring a fish in. I had a bamboo stick. All we needed was some string and a safety pin and we could catch some fish.

I had the children handle the bamboo stick and make believe it was a fishing rod, that they had caught a fish, and struggle as they made believe they were pulling it in.

Now we are the fish who are out there swimming around doing our own thing and suddenly God hooks us. We fight for our dear lives. Christ gives us some slack but like a skillful fisherman, draws us into the church to come to God so that we give up our lives for others. Bringing in little kids is like bringing in minnows and big fish are much harder to pull in. When God has us on the line it takes our whole lives for God to bring us in.

The Communion Blessing:

Christ draws us in on God’s line so that we die to ourselves and come alive to God and God’s love for others.


Written by peterkrey

February 7, 2009 at 7:37 am

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