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Blogging my Thoughts February 12, 2009

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In the page to the right under “Blogging my Thoughts” I gave excerpts from my bible study yesterday at Bethlehem on Matthew chapter 8. But that made me struggle with the larger picture of our financial and economic troubles in a second part. Does the proclamation of the Good News of  Kingdom of Heaven annul the boundaries of countries? It does, but that cannot be a law, it remains the gospel, which is impossible from a human perspective, but one can’t help carrying it out far-away beyond the call of duty, living out of the Holy Spirit’s grace and truth.

Some tags discussed: globalization, out-sourcing labor, income caps versus progressive taxation, Wall Street, investment earnings versus earnings from labor, etc. I keep struggling to understand what is going on in our boom and bust, boom and bust, bubble, bubble, pop, pop economy!


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February 12, 2009 at 10:43 pm

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  1. That sure is a tricky subject. It’s interesting, the gospel transcends law, reason (in some ways), culture, tradition and even scientific facts and ideas. I think the best example of this is Les Miserables. Jean Val Jean is constantly thinking outside of the plane of Law, practicality and even personal well being. If you’re really living the gospel it seems like you are on a completely different plane. Like you’re years ahead of your time. Like you’re an alien of some kind. And yet you’re very human. That’s probably what makes Les Miserables so fascinating, how this character of Jean Val Jean is so human and flawed and yet transcends reality through living this kind of gospel existence.


    February 17, 2009 at 7:25 am

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