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Black History Month Table Grace and Communion Blessing, 2/22/2009

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Seminarian Carlton Monroe preached for us on Bethlehem’s Black History Month Celebration. I’ll preach again for Lent on March 4th.

A Grace for Black History Month at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Oakland, California

Let’s steal away to pray:

Swing low sweet chariot and lift us up out of all the trouble we see. We’ve come this far by faith leaning on your word and through it all we’ve learned to depend upon your word. We lift every voice and sing, because Jesus, you are our Lord and King, and together we share all the gifts you bring. Thank you, Jesus for the hands that have prepared this food and for your servants, who have prepared and carried out this celebration. Amen.

A Communion Blessing:

On the cruel rails of the cross Jesus endured suffering, hurt, and pain for us and set our hearts rejoicing by his Gospel message of love, hope, and salvation. Amen.


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February 23, 2009 at 7:11 pm

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