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„Icke” a funny German poem in the Berlin dialect

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I have not tried to translate this poem. The problem is that it depends on the German pun between a “meatball” and a “knock” on the door. I received a copy of it from a member of Old Zion in Philadelphia. I’ll have to find out who wrote it.

It is so funny the way the fellow goes out of the door because he hears a knock, but stands outside, not knowing why he is outside the door and then knocks to get back in his own door. There’s a self-conscious consternation with complete absent-mindedness that’s hilarious. He mixes himself up with the one knocking outside the door and because he is now outside, there is no one home to answer his knocking on his own door! The dialect makes it even funnier!


Ick sitze da und esse Klops.

Uff eenmal kloppt’s…

Ick kieke, staune, wundre mir.

Uff eenmal jeht se uff, de Tür.

Nanu, denk’ ick, ick denk, nanu,

jetzt is se uff, erst war se zu?

Und ick je raus und blicke.

Und wer steht draussen Icke!

Wie ick mir sah vor der Tür,

da kam ick mir janz dämlich für.

Was tun? Ick hab die Tür janz sacht

mit leisem Drucke zu gemacht.

Dann kloppt ick, wart’ und denk’: Nanu,

esrt ging se uff, jetzt bleibt se zu.

Es ruft auch keener mich herein,

da wird wohl niemand drinne sein.

Drum mach die Tür ick selber uff —

Ick sah den Tisch, da stand was druff —

Nun mach ick schnell en grossen Hops.

Was fand ick? Uff den Tisch stand Klops!

Uff eenmal . . . usw. usw.

This poem is like the joke about three elderly sisters, who have all become somewhat forgetful. One went upstairs:

“I’m going to go upstairs to take a bath” she said.

When she was stepping into the tub, she called to the other two: “Was I going in or am I already through?”

“Ha, ha.” the second sister laughed. “I’ll come up and help you.” When she was half way up the stairs she asked the other two, “Do you know if I was going up the stairs or if I was coming down? What was I about to do?”

Then the third sister down at the kitchen table laughed. “You two are really losing your memories, very true. Mine is still quite good: knock on wood.” She hesitated a moment and then said, “I’ll come right up to help you as soon as I answer the door.”

I heard this in Salem Nursing Home in Oakland, California and I do not know who authored it.


Written by peterkrey

February 28, 2009 at 9:14 am

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  1. janz toll! 🙂

    Arc German

    October 4, 2011 at 11:19 pm

  2. […] „Icke” a funny German poem in the Berlin dialect […]

  3. […] „Icke” a funny German poem in the Berlin dialect […]

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