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“The Otter,” a Poem by Josh, Mark, and Me

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“the Otter”

A father had a daughter and bought her an otter

and taught her that the otter

was hotter out of water.

So the daughter got the otter some water.

“What a life!” said the otter

in the water, chased a fish and caught her.

Then thought-a-the otter:

“I ought-a-splash some water on the daughter

so she gets cooler not hotter.”

So like this daughter

as her father taught her

who bought her an otter,

you ought to get water for an otter that’s hotter.

Josh, Mark, and I were returning from church and we got refreshments beside the Bread Garden Bakery in front of the beautiful white Clairmont Hotel. We were happily composing this poems with as many foolish rhymes as we could possibly think of. What a pleasant experience it was. The date was June 23, 1995 in Berkeley at the Clairmont.


Written by peterkrey

February 28, 2009 at 11:48 pm

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