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What a day! My Blog Statistics for March 16, 2009

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What a day! My website had 227 hits today! The most readers I ever had before was 131 in a day. I believe that my Robert J. Goeser Lectures are the reason, but I’m not sure. Since beginning this website I have had 32,900 hits as of 3/19/09. That certainly beats leaving all my writing in my files to die there the way I used to.

I hope my writing is useful and helpful to you, my reader,  in some way. It was great to have the psychiatrist Ira Steinman respond to my sermon, “The Sick are Saved, Too.”

I hope to put an abstract of my Gettysburg Lecture in my site as well. It is called, “Luther’s In Depth Theology and Theological Therapy  (Using Self Psychology and a Little Jung).” (It will be published in the Gettysburg Seminary journal.) This lecture also hopes that theological therapy by spiritual means can also like Ira Steinman, “treat the untreatable” to make use of the title of his book!

Thank you all for visiting and reading my poems, songs, sermons, lectures, and sayings!



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March 17, 2009 at 7:20 am

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