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Peasant Song for a Plagued Husband, translated from the Plattdeutsch, April 19, 2009

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Whenever my father felt criticized by my mother, he would do some humorous self-pity with the words “Ich bin ein geplagter Eheman!” I found this poem in low German and it dates before 1860; he was probably quoting it.

Peasant song for a plagued husband

From my ornery wife,

I get nothing but strife.

Just misery and plagues

all of my days.

When the day breaks

Hollering starts, for goodness sakes.

Potts and the pan from under the bed

She will throw right at my head.

Ah, neighbor, for my regret

Pour me a cup of kindness yet,

But give me a heads up

If you see my wife come in the pub.

Bauernlied auf einen geplagten Ehemann

Von enem boesem Wief

Da krig ik nix as Kief

Min Elend un min Plag

De heff ik alle Dag.

So bald de Dag brikt an,

So geiht dat Schellen an,

All Schoetteln un all Pott

Schmitt sei mi an den Kopp.

Ach, Nabersch, lent mi doch

Fuer enen Soessling noch.

Doch lat’t min Fro nit sehn,

Wenn se villicht inkeem!

No author given. Taken from Google books: H. Eschenhagen, Album: Plattdeutscher Gedichte, (Berlin: Verlach von E. Schott und Comp., 1860), page 10.


Written by peterkrey

April 22, 2009 at 4:17 am

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