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More family sayings, mostly my Father’s

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Some More Family Sayings, Mostly my Father’s  (After the family Reunion in Cape Cod)

“Don’t fall on your back and break your nose!”  This was a funny saying of my father’s.

„Mit Viel kommt man aus; mit Wenig hält man Haus.“

„Augenblick! Muss mir erst eine Piep stoppen!“ (My father would usually fill his pipe with tobacco before starting the car: “One moment: I just have to fill my pipe!“)

„In der Kürze liegt die Würze!“

„Er weiss nicht wo er sein Ei legen soll!“ (Someone is looking where to sit down with his food.)

„Käse schliest den Magen.“ (Cheese closes the stomach, i.e., it finishes the meal.)

„Bier nach Wein lass sein; Wein nach Bier, rate ich dir.“ (Don’t drink beer after wine; but wine after beer is fine.)

„Er bekiegt sich von innen!” (My father would say this when he saw someone sleeping: “He’s looking at himself from the inside.“)

„Der beste Mensch kann nicht in Frieden leben, wenn es den bösen Nachtbar nicht gefällt.“ (“The best person cannot live in peace, if it does not suit his evil neighbor.“)

„Und so auf ein Stutz!”  (and so all of a sudden!)

„Morgen, Morgen, nur nicht Heute, sagen alle faule Leute.”

„Wenn der ganze Schnee verbrennt, die Asche bleibt uns doch!“

“Mass media molds the minds of mediocre money makers.“ (a saying of Johnnie’s)

„Kleider machen Leute.” (“People are made by their clothes.”) (I added to that: “But I don’t hold much of people, whose clothes can already make them.”)

„Was ist denn mit meine Brille los? Sie ist doch mit Fäts beschmieret!“ (In the old days, a church had only one hymnal. The pastor would read the verses line by line and the congregation would repeat the words to learn them. Here a pastor takes off his glasses in the middle of that exercise, saying, “What’s wrong with my glasses? They are smeared with dirt.” Only to discover that the congregation is repeating his words: “What’s wrong with my glasses? They are smeared with dirt.” Mindlessly they keep repeating what he says. “No, I mean my glasses!” “No, I mean my glasses!” etc.

„Mit dem Hut in der Hand kommt man durchs ganze Land.“ (“With hat in hand, one gets through the entire land.”)(This speaks of using a conscious kind of humility, which places a person under the radar and avoids any conflicts.)

(„Sie bezahlen zu Viel zu sterben aber zu Wenig um zu leben!”) “They pay you too much to die on, but too little to live on.”

„Schuster bleib bei deinen Leisten, sonst sollst du kein Schuster heisen.” (This saying is about staying in your profession. If a cobbler starts fixing televisons instead of shoes, he will no longer be a cobbler.)


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July 26, 2009 at 12:52 am

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