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All the Cartoon Characters come to Sunday School

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ET, Batman, Spiderman, Fool

ET, Batman, Spiderman, Fool,

They all go to Sunday School.

Up is down and first is last,

My heart’s beating awfully fast.

Deep into your heart I go,

Jesus loves me this I know.

Gentle, kind or fighting mad,

My teacher makes me feel so glad.

If you want to be real cool,

We’ve got to start a Sunday School.[1]

Firestar, Wonderwoman, Thelma Thumb,

It’s all right if they all come.

Daffy, Donald, and Daisy, too,

Bugs and, of course, Mr. Magoo.

Here come Yako, Waco, and Dot

Pinky and the Brain with another plot;

Huey, Riley, and Fat Albert,

The Jackson Five, then Ernie and Bert!

and Big Bird, too?

If we want too be real cool,

We’ve got to start a Sunday School.

[1] (Or sing, “You’ve got to go to Sunday School,” if you already have one.)

A Sesame Street Melody; pkrey, revised August 1st 2009


Written by peterkrey

August 2, 2009 at 9:43 pm

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