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A Grave-Side Prayer of 1974 (translated from the German)

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A Grave-side Prayer of mine that dates back to Germany in 1974:

What a gruesome thing is death, which tears us human beings out of the land of the living. Death rules over a mighty kingdom and can send his messengers among us: deadly diseases, violence, persisting stress, famine, war, and pestilence, by which Death wants to destroy God’s marvelous creation.

But thanks be to God, because you, Oh God, have freed and redeemed us from the power of death. Through your resurrection, Oh Jesus, from the dead, you have received all power in heaven and earth, and death itself is not mighty enough to withstand the power of your love. You have forced death itself to serve life. You are Lord of the living and the dead and in your reign of mercy and grace, both the living and the dead are included.

That the dead who have died in Thee, Oh Christ, are not lost, for that we thank you. That we can comfort each other with this Good News, we thank you. Yes, we thank and praise you now and forever. Amen.


Written by peterkrey

September 8, 2009 at 5:16 pm

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