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An e-mail to Pres. Obama

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Suggestions that I hope are helpful:

For the wars:

1. Could dogs be trained for protecting soldiers and civilians from suicide bombers? I think they are already used; but could the usefulness of trained dogs become expanded?

For the economy:

2. Could Pres. Obama have economic revival conferences in strategic places throughout the country, the way Bill Clinton and Al Gore did beginning their administration? Or conferences with strategic CEO’s and business leaders? For an agenda look at the 6/25/09 Charlie Rose interview  of the CEO of GE, Jeffry Immelt. Just an elite, intellectual group of economic advisers, should not replace a grassroots and corporate economic revival for the sake of job creation.

3. I loved the idea that representatives from all the Indian nations in our country met with Pres. Obama and his cabinet. Can I get more information about the meeting? Reconciliation with Native Americans alone would make Pres. Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, let alone many of his other “firsts.”

I’m a Dr., i.e., not an MD but a PhD, and also a pastor praying that Pres. Obama win out on his wholesome agenda. Lack of health insurance kills 45,000 a year. That’s an angel of death more fierce than the terrorists. See Nicholas Kristof’s Op Ed article in the NYTimes today 11/12/09.


peter krey


Written by peterkrey

November 12, 2009 at 9:12 pm

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