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Christmas and New Year’s Message, 2009

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A Christmas and New Year’s Greeting to you on the Ninth Day of Christmas, 2009!

Sending Christmas cards is hard for me because I want to be creative and send you a card of my very own making. But we enjoy so much getting your cards that I do not want to fail sending you a greeting: a sign of life from us in your mail box.

I read Luther’s Christmas Eve and Christmas Day sermons and put his most beautiful sayings from the one into text art and from the other into a sermon for Christmas Day. (Both can be found in my website. Just plug peterkrey into Google to find it.) If I could have made a card out of this work, I would have only used this saying:

Well, this card I found is to my liking and hopefully to yours as well. Just put crows into the bird houses instead of the cardinals and we can imagine our greetings flying from one crow’s nest to another.

(These cards came in a beautiful box with the bird houses raised as if made of wood. They were designed by Tim Coffey, who has the copyright, Artworks, Nashville, TN 37217. I wish I could send them again, but I already used them this year! Order number JXC25-6883B)

From the Christmas Day sermon, I wish you heavenly Christmas gifts of light and life from above; the light to receive the mind of Christ and the life to receive the love of Christ for those who are lost in the darkness of this world.

This message is rather late, but don’t forget that the birth of Christ is much more than a calendar date. It would be the Ninth Day of Christmas today and the Day of the Three Kings is on January 6th still four days away.

I just read “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” by Barbara Robinson. It contains the heart of the Gospel: God’s loving and accepting us, in spite of our not deserving it. Let’s stand side-by side with sinners so that the light and love of Jesus Christ born in Bethlehem completely envelopes us.

May the darkness of our thoughts and the darkness of our lives be banished by Christ, the light and life of our lives. Amen.

Family News and Notes for 2009

This year, we celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary on Epiphany, January 6th. Mark graduated from UCLA and Joshua graduated from UC Davis in June. We celebrated this great occasion with family and friends. We were joined by the Zapata family from Florida and Priscilla and Peter Loring from Andover, Massachusetts. After this Zapata family reunion, we had a wonderful time at the Krey family reunion in Cape Cod, MA.

Ashley and Terry opened a second restaurant, Sluggos, in Chattanooga, TN in November. May they prosper! A week before on October 24th, we celebrated Ashley’s 30th birthday with him there as well as back in Pensacola, FL in their other restaurant.

We just attended Ben and Marissa’s Wedding in Roanoke, VA and enjoyed touching bases again with many in the family. Because we can become quite disconnected out here on the West Coast, that was quite meaningful.

Nora still works in Mission Mental Health in San Francisco and Peter is still preaching and teaching part time in Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Oakland, CA. Joshua is traveling in South America. He is now in Brazil and is heading for Argentina, Chile, and Peru and will return in March. Mark is launching his singing career in LA and meanwhile he is working for his bread and butter in a coffee shop called, “It’s a Grind.” But our year surely was no grind and we are so very grateful for another year of God’s grace!


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