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Suicide Bombers and the Death Wish

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Blogging my Thoughts after suicide bombers kill another 37 people and injure twice as many more:

Islamic extremists are succumbing to the powerful death wish and sucking many more completely vulnerable people into the vortex of the abyss of death around them. Where are the religious voices affirming life and strengthening faith, hope, and love? Where is a Fatwa against suicide bombers and all the lives they are tearing out of the land of the living? Where are the Christian voices that take a stand against the technological and secular infliction of death?

Faith becomes active in love. Our difference in faith does not negate the love required between Christians and the adherents of Islam and vice versa, the adherents of Islam for Christians.

The truth is the mother of love, while lies father violence.


Written by peterkrey

January 26, 2010 at 7:28 pm

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