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How Art Gets Drowned by Commerce

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The Colonization of Art by the Economic System

Now films are advertising brands and products inside their scenes themselves for the sake of capital (See the New York Times “Before Hiring Actors, Filmmakers cast Products,” April 5, 2010, page A-1). Thus on private television, when the movie, that is the channel, not only increases the volume (loudness) of advertisements, but also the volume (number) of advertisements, that is, commercials, near the end, now there will also be commercials nested in the movie.

Then note that often, in place of a movie climax, suddenly the commercial of a product will replace it, making the drama feature the product rather than the story being watched in the film. At the end of the movie when one needs to determine how it will turn out, the commercials accumulate in ever greater numbers, where at the beginning of the movie, played in longer segments, the commercials were fewer in order to take you in and hook you to watch the movie, I mean the commercials. Now with commercials even inside the movie itself, it seems that an elaborate commercial, the movie itself, will merely be used for the sake of other more explicit commercials.

What seems like the progress of commercial addiction now spells the death of truth for the sake of interests, meaning for sales. Art exists merely for the sake of business and then I forgot: the film would not have been produced anyway, if it had not been deemed to make a stiff profit!


Written by peterkrey

April 5, 2010 at 4:45 pm

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