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Helene Fischer, a German Popsinger with wonderful lyrics

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Check her songs out: these are some of my favorites. It would be nice if she gave a concert over here. You can find many of her songs if you start. When I get the lyrics I’ll translate the portions that think are really wholesome and kind.

1. I Want only to “Forgive, Forget, and trust [each other] again”

2. “Let Me into Your Life”

You are not free, and you are afraid to commit yourself, reason speaks against it; [for you] the risk is too high

You only need yourself and alone you look for rules, yes, so you greet my soul, why?

Let me into Your Life, look deep into your soul, you are somehow another part of me.

Just let me into Your Life, I want to understand you? (I’m unsure of this line)

In the labyrinthe of your heart there is a door and it leads to you

3. “In the Middle of Paradise”

4. “Here to Eternity”

5. “Only Those who can Still Dream” can change the world,  (The melody is “Ode to Joy”)

only those who believe can touch move other hearts

we need to find peace and it all depends on it

6. “You Catch Me and Let me Fly” never hold me too tight

send me away into the world, but my heart is like a boomerang, it always comes back to you

She has many more lovely love songs!


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September 24, 2010 at 9:46 pm

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