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Pop Quiz for Critical Thinking, Los Medanos College, 8/21/2002

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Dr. Peter Krey                                     August 21,2002


The method of Philosophical thinking that constitutes correct
reasoning is called ________________. (1)

A blunder in thinking or reasoning, whether intentional or not,
is called a ____________________. (2)

A logical fallacy is an ______________(3)_____ because it is a
contradiction in terms. Why? __________ (4)__________________________
“Woman without her man would be lost.” is an example of the
fallacy known as _________________. (5)

When the form of an argument is sound or correct then it is
called ________(6)______, while if a claim is faithful to reality it
is called _______________. (7)

A ____________(8)________ is a simple statement or claim and is the
basic unit for one kind of logic much like a ____________(9)_____ is
the basic unit of language when it is analyzed in terms of

_________(10)______ was developed in the time of Alcuin and
Charlemagne (coronated by Pope Leo III as the Emperor of the Holy
Roman Empire in 800 C.E.) And used for the basis of doing

A book of the Philosopher __________(11)_________ on logic was saved
by the Monks of the late antiquity an early Medieval days, while
all of other books save one of this great philosopher were lost
to the West. The _______________ _____(12)___________ saved many of
his other works and they had to be translated from Arabic into
Latin for the Europeans. Then they also came to the West in their
original Greek, when the Eastern Roman Empire fell to the

Who was the first to analyze and categorize different forms of
arguments and and open up the study of logic? __________(13)_____. He
was called the Philosopher in medieval times. Who was called the
Apostle in those days? _____ _____________. (14)

The following argument is called a ___________________. (15)

All human beings are mortal. _______________ ____________ (16)
Socrates is a human being.   _______________ ____________  (17)

Therefore Socrates is mortal. __________________  (18)

Label the three claims of the argument. This argument is called
___________________. (19)

1. Logic    2. fallacy   3.  Oxymoron  4. Because “logic” means correct reasoning and a “logical fallacy” would mean incorrect correct reasoning   5. ambiguity  6. valid  7.  true  8. proposition  9.  sentence   10.  grammar  11. Aristotle  12.  Moslem Scholars 13. Aristotle  14.  St. Paul  15.  syllogism  16.  major premise  17.  minor premise  18.  conclusion 19. BARBARA


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