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A Muted Christmas? No Way! 2001

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The Angel said,

“Fear not, for behold, I bring you

Good News of Great Joy for All People.” (Luke 2:10)

In the news it said we celebrated a muted Christmas this year. Let’s protest the cloud of war it was under. I will not be mute. Let the nations conspire. They will detect

a distinct light the quickest

when the darkness is thickest

for the darker the night

the more clear the light –

That’s why the valley of the shadow of violence cannot overcome it.

We shall yet beat our swords into plowshares,

our spears into pruning hooks.

Make cluster-bombs and bunker-busters into scrap metal

and let mercy rain down from heaven not terror.

Build new cities for returning refugees

turn aircraft carriers into floating hospitals

for the aids-stricken, their widows and orphans.

Send missiles filled with medicines.

Diffuse, dig out, discard every land mine and

in their holes

plant trees of life and healing.

The little Christ-child shall lead us,

and we shall learn war no more

on all God’s holy mountain.

For Christ Jesus, wonderful counselor,

mighty God, everlasting Father is

Prince of Peace.

This Lamb shall lead us

into an earth

full of the knowledge of the Lord

into the joy of the gentle reign.

For I know whom I believed and am persuaded that

the zeal of the Lord of Hosts

will do

what the prophets promised

through Christ

on that day.


December 28th 2001


Written by peterkrey

December 20, 2010 at 5:25 am

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