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The Rose and the Cross

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Excuse [me if this] may be obvious but I have litle knowledge of German – is Salvation by grace alone and through faith alone the same as Des Christen Hertz auf Rosen geht, wenn’s mitten unter’m Kreuze steht?


Responding to your question:

That German sentence,  “Des Christen Hertz auf Rosen geht, wenn’s mitten unter’m Kreuze steht” translated literally, means, “The heart of a Christian walks on roses, even when it stands directly under the cross,”   (more literally, “when it’s in the middle of the cross.”) So that could only indirectly refer to “salvation by grace through faith.” (I know that you have two “alones” in there.  I could explain why Luther following William of Ockham emphasizes “alone” should you wish for me to.) To your point, however, the statement, deriving from Luther, really means that even under intense suffering, a Christian can rejoice, as if enjoying roses, walking on rose petals, promised a rose garden, and other such metaphors indicating that one is replete with blessings. St. Paul’s saying to rejoice in our suffering is one of the best ways of coping with it and gaining “more than a victory.”

Indirectly, it can also be based on justification, because, the power from on high blessing us with the righteous of faith, also helps us “bear all things, believe all things, hope all things and endure all things” (1 Cor. 13: 7). I do not believe that Luther “came upon the idea of justification by faith.” I believe that Luther experienced a “word event,” meaning that the Word of God, who is Jesus Christ, encountered him and brought about a marvelous change, not only in him, but in the church, a change which we call the Reformation.

I don’t know exactly where Luther says the statement, whether in a song or table talk, or a commentary, but he does have a white rose with a cross in the middle of it in his Christian seal or coat of arms. The Rosicrucians usurp the statement and make it masonic rather than Christian. Not the powers of our mind, but God’s loving grace from on high is what Christianity features.

peter krey

Written by peterkrey

January 13, 2011 at 7:35 pm

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  2. […] away as a memento to our visitors. They knew the inscription on St.Mary´s north entrance by heart: Des Christen Herz auf Rosen geht und wenns mitten unterm Kreuze steht  – and that was a good place to end […]

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