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Song: Christ is our Righteousness

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This song intends to be explicitly theological, even using as many 25 cent words as possible.

Christ is our Righteousness

1) Christ is our Righteousness
Our radiant reconciler –
Who put heaven and earth together
Frightened death into a dither
The first born of the new creation
with stars singing in their elation

2) The Lord is our righteousness
Reigning in righteous splendor –
The branch, the cross’ communion
All our hearts in loving union
Christ opened the gentle Kingdom
Earth and heaven embrace within him

3)Christ is our righteousness
Our shining life within us –
Who died in condemnation
And was raised up in vindication
To live for our justification
The free gift of God’s salvation

4) Jesus, your precious name
Healing our broken spirit –
Christ holds this world together
Like wind, storm, clouds, and weather
In him we move and have our being
In, with, and under nature we see him

5) Grace comes down from above
Refreshing the love between us –
In the kingdom the Son’s victorious
With love he labors over us
From the cross flows our forgiveness
The precious blood that’s shed by Jesus

6) Christ, your great gift of love
Opens the gates of heaven –
Open the heart of this congregation
In our prayer and meditation
Deliver us from all temptation
Lift our hearts in adulation
For the start of the new creation
Angels singing in exultation

7) Christ, the Son of Righteousness
Rising in holy splendor.

November 26, 1995 “Christ is our Righteousness” For First Lutheran Church in Oakland, California


Written by peterkrey

March 16, 2011 at 4:03 pm

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