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“The Land of Laughter,” translating a Poem from Middle High German

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The Wagons of Egypt: Peter Krey, June 23, 2008

Christ is the wagon God sent us hereafter

to carry us

into the land of laughter.

I’ll work the poem above twice to capture its two meanings:


O God, of you it’s said,

“You weigh us on a blessed balance.”

Your grace is baffling,

because Christ takes us,

to the place, we’re forever laughing.


O God, of you it’s said,

“You send us Christ,”

the sacred wagon,

in whom we hide

and safely ride,


into the Land of Laughter.

Got, von dir sagen

kan rihten ûf der saelden wagen

der uns sol tragen

da man sol iemer lachen.  

Lobges. 77. Middle High German

I revised this poem for my Joseph Book for Genesis 45:27 and I hope you like it. peterkrey


Written by peterkrey

May 24, 2011 at 3:26 pm

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