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Operation “Extreme Makeover:” Letter to President Obama

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Dear President Obama,

It is time to respond to the devastation in our Mid-Western and Southern states caused by flooding and now the tornadoes. Look at all the construction companies that are finding no business and all their workers who are under or unemployed!

What about an Operation Makeover, where groups of consultants with the home-owners, architects, production managers, contractors, and designers go in and rebuild the houses and business-buildings of those who have lost them?

Place the Extreme Makeover that we see on TV with Ty Pennington into motion and put it into overdrive. Imagine it as a whole new level of reality-TV. The work of their show could be like a feeler into fast response and their experience could be used to build on and like a good Blitzkieg, put those devastated areas like Joplin and the others, back together in short order.

Imagine the boost to the housing industry the new jump start to our economy it would represent! Bring tears of joy to our whole country.

Pastor Peter Krey


Written by peterkrey

May 26, 2011 at 3:31 pm

Posted in Letters

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