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More Luther Sayings

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Luther Sayings

“Our works are no longer works of the law but of Christ working in us through faith and living in us in everything that we do” (“Judgment on Monastic Vows” LW 44:301).

“It seems better to have fallen openly than to have held one’s ground in secret godlessness” (LW 44:302).

“Even if all the monks radiated the sanctity of angels, nevertheless, the whole [monastic] institution is still mad and contrary to the commandments of God” (LW 44:328).

“As far as celibacy is concerned, who does not know that the inward and intrinsic tyrant in our members is no more within our power than is the ill will of an external tyrant?” (LW 44:339).

“It is just as great an impiety to pursue what is to your certain knowledge an error as it is to embrace as truth something about which you are uncertain” (LW 44:345).

“What I have to consider is not how confidently you speak, but how truly you speak” (LW 44:346).

“All vows should henceforth be optional and subject to a time limit” (LW 44:388).

“’The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. And so the son of man is lord even of the Sabbath.’ Christ said this. I beg you, let us not pass over these majestic words full of comfort and spiritual refreshment” (LW 44:389).

From Luther’s Treatise on Good Works

“God is not hostile to sinners, only to unbelievers” (LW 44:64).

“They never indicate the right use [of fasting], its limit, its fruit, its cause, and its purpose” (LW 44:76).

“Thus faith goes out into works and through works comes back to itself again, just as the sun goes forth to its setting and comes again at its rising” (LW 44:79).

“[In ‘Thy kingdom come,’ we pray for the proper Sabbath and true, quiet rest from our own works, so that only God’s works are done in us and that in this way God rules in us as in his own kingdom” (LW 44:80).

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