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After Down-sizing, We Now have Out-sourcing Labor

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Letter to the President:

Dear Pres. Obama,

The Senate seems to be contemplating a tax-holiday for corporations. With the multinationals sitting on $2 trillion without hiring, what need is there to give them more? I also think the Bush tax cuts lost 8 million jobs, because the money went into leveraging the speculation in the irrational financial sector and that lost our country untold trillions in common-wealth when Wall Street crashed and the recession hit.
Now we won’t even get into the downsizing movement, which preceded outsourcing. But concerning the latter, when multinationals want to bring back their off-shore money into the USA, then let them put this into their pipe and smoke it!
If corporations paid $2,000 a month for workers here and they outsourced to workers in China for $200 a month, then the $1,800 difference per month should not go into their pockets, nor into those of the government of China. A substantial amount should be taken, like a tariff, and provided for the retraining or other help for the social damages sustained by the US and Chinese workers, who are also being exploited.
If corporations save more money because of a lack of environmental regulations in foreign countries, a fair tax for responsibility should also be waged.
If lowered consumer prices have to be considered and subtracted from these large profits, perhaps over $2,000 per US worker per month, then that percentage should be subtracted.
The frames for these arguments are the patriotism involved in paying taxes and that corporations, being considered persons by law, should also be required to have personal responsibility and conscience for the workers and the environment they work in.
The Big Lebowski: am I wrong?
Pr. PeterKrey, Ph.D.


Written by peterkrey

October 24, 2011 at 5:08 pm

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