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Science and the Hidden versus the Revealed God

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This essay I published in Scholardarity derives from a rereading of Luther’s Bondage of the Will. Could evolution be the way God created life on this planet? Luther states that the hidden God has done and does things that are not revealed to us in Scriptures. Does science uncover more of the hidden actions of God and does God smile because humanity is coming of age? Honest to God, is our God too small? See Science and the Hidden versus the Revealed God.

Another essay called “The Garden of Eden: Eternity in Time” is about to be published in Scholadarity as well. It follows the reading of the Dobzhansky’s Biology of Ultimate Concern and this one about Science and the Revealed and Hidden God.

I believe that the naturalism and materialism rampant among some scientists has robbed many of their faith. It is especially mistaken to place the ultimate concern of faith on the same level as scientific knowledge, because from the get go, methodologically science operates by the exclusion of God as an explanation of natural events. When a methodology makes a claim to the totality of reality, it becomes problematic for faith but also undermines other valid human disciplines. “There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in science,” to quote Shakespeare (for my purposes).

But science has the big bang theory (for the origin of the universe), the theory of evolution (for  the origin of life), and an expanded view of natural and human realities in this universe that can become tantamount to a religious narrative for existence. But it remains a blind scientific method that does not provide meaning and purpose for life. Science left to itself undermines its own enterprise in its search for truth, because the source of human values does not come from science.


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