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Natural Patterns in Nature and the Organization of Knowledge: the Nonad by John Krey

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My brother John Krey has been a chemistry instructor for many years and now tutors students before they take their SAT and other exams. Basically, he presents a discovery of patterns in nature as well as patterns in the organization of knowledge very helpful for educational purposes for teachers and students in the classroom, for private tutoring, and home-schooling.

In terms of his discovery of patterns in nature, he presents 9 continua and 14 nonads, that is, patterns of nine, in the form of 3-3-3’s with some cases expanding from a sevenfold pattern to a ninefold one, from a heptad to a nonad in his parlance.  He also forms the neologism, that is, the new word, “Jupitorial,” because he finds the same pattern among the planets, with Jupiter being in that pivotal position in his theory.

When you hit the link with the title of his 34 page book below, you can review his table of contents and realize that each page is packed with scientific facts that are made very easy to master because of the organization of the material that his theory makes possible, for example, in astronomy, the periodic table, number systems, genetics, etc.

Click here to acquire John Krey’s work from Scholardarity.  Natural Patterns in Nature: the Nonad by John Krey


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