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Blogging my thoughts: Capital punishment

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From the New York Times articles today (May 1, 2014, page A13): Lethal injections have not turned out to be the cure-all that some had hoped for. That comment, which I paraphrased, reported in the Times shows the contradiction that capital punishment represents. Immanuel Kant argued for capital punishment, saying it was required for having ultimate responsibility. But here it can be shown to violate his categorical imperative which relates morality to non-contradictory behavior. One reaction from Britain observed that we miss the point when only feeling remorse about the method, while it’s really about “the very concept of killing in cold blood.” That is what our society condones when capital punishment is planned and carried out by our government. Christians who argue for capital punishment, forget that Jesus, our own Lord himself died because of it, propelling us into his New Testament of undeserved mercy, grace, and forgiveness.


Written by peterkrey

May 1, 2014 at 10:12 am

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