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Blogging my thoughts: A Person as a Word

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David Brooks writes in his OP ED piece in the New York Times (8/15/2014) page A21: “Every type of new hero is like a new word added to our vocabulary.” That was the kind of insight I was developing in my Joseph Book. If a word can already be a message, a promise, and a whole language-event, like a sermon or lecture, why can’t it also refer to a person?  Brooks makes it do so here. So I say that the children of God are Words of God — and we become the vocabulary in the language of God.

We of course refer to Jesus Christ as the Word of God. When Luther said in “The Freedom of a Christian,” that we all become Christs to one another, then becoming words of God is just another extension of this insight.


Written by peterkrey

August 15, 2014 at 10:11 pm

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