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A Child Shall Lead Them, a Children’s Sermon with a Marching Song September 20, 2015

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Children’s Sermon for September 20th 2015

A Child Shall Lead Them.

(Have the children come forward.)

Which one of you is the youngest? Which one of you is the oldest? Can you make a line from the youngest to the oldest?

Now who is first? It is the youngest.

Now in marching, in order to make you turn around the command is “About face!”

So “About face!” Now who is first and who is last? It is now the opposite. The oldest is first and the youngest is last.

“About face!” now the youngest is again first and the oldest last.

The first shall be last and the last will be first: you merely have to turn around. (I learned this watching Sesame Street.)

We have the youngest first, because Jesus says, “A child shall lead them.” Children shall lead us into the kingdom of heaven.

Do another “About face!” Do you see how the first become last and the last become first?

That is the way Jesus teaches us to repent, to turn around, and how we treat others: the last become the first.

When you are first, notice how everyone is behind you and you cannot see what’s going on. The last people in the line can see everyone else and can see what’s going on.

Do you ever get in trouble in school, because you push and shove when you are in line? You want to be ahead of somebody or not behind somebody, but do you know, no matter what your place is in the line, for Jesus you come first, that is if you allow yourself to come last.

Let’s do some marching up and down the aisle:

This Marching Song:

(Usually really small children enjoy marching like this.)

I don’t know but I been told: echo I don’t know but I been told

Jesus got a heart of gold: echo

He teaches us to do what’s right: echo

To march with him is out of sight: echo

Sound off, one two: sound off, three four.

Sound off, one-two, three-four.


Written by peterkrey

October 5, 2015 at 11:13 am

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