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Max Kluge: Gathering his Paintings together

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When I was ministering in St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Coney Island, I befriended Max Kluge, a disabled printer press operator, who had been hit by a car and turned his skills to painting. I wonder if those who have some of his paintings would send iphone pictures of them to me to include in this online exhibit. I will put in the pictures that I have.

IMG_1830This is a photograph of Max Kluge himself that he painted to make it a long lasting painted portrait. He  said that he painted in the Flemish style so that his paintings would last hundreds of years.

This first painting is a still life that I bought from him: “Peaches.”

Still-Life Peaches    I love the next one.

Iphone photos 9-11-14 187






I don’t believe the first  painting is a copy of a famous painting, but the second one is. It is a copy of “Street Scene, Rue à Stains” by Maurice Utrillo. Max would say that every painter practiced by copying famous paintings. Only the size had to be different to distinguish the copies from the originals. I wonder if that is true? Would someone who is knowledgeable about the art be able to tell me?

The following three paintings are definitely copies. the first is a copy of “A Sidewalk Cafe at Night” by Van Gogh and the second is a copy of “Early Sunday Morning” (1930) by Edward Hopper. Max pointed out that his did not include the fire hydrant  on the sidewalk that continued on the left of the original. The third one is “Children Eating Grapes and a Melon” by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. The latter is a much larger piece on a canvass. It is 21×28 inches in size and upon closer inspection, it is a reprint by the Art Reproduction Company, Inc. I think Max may also have painted over some of it like he did for photographs. I know he had me return it in order to it touch it up.



Iphone photos 9-11-14 191










I think that the next still lives are his own paintings:















Ursula Koci sent me nine pictures of her Max Kluge paintings for this collection. She has ten.

I wonder if you should have more of his paintings to include in this very small collection?







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January 6, 2017 at 12:57 pm

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Hopes for Berlin from back in 1975

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I worked as a fraternal worker, vicar, and then Pfarr-verweser in West Berlin from 1971-1975. During that time I wrote this statement and tucked it into my book, Die Gespiegelte Stadt:

Ein Sonderweg durch Christus, das Licht der Welt:

Berlin leidet als eine Stadt. Nicht nur ist sie geteilt und gedemütigt, (weil fremde Mächte über sie und die ehemaligen stolzen Berliner bestimmen) sondern sie kann auch nicht über ihr Leiden – wegen des Schattens der Vergangenheit glaubwürdig erscheinen.

Die Humor von den Berlinern wird schon durchkommen und die alte Preussische Toleranz wird nochmals einen Durchbruch erlangen – diesmal für politische Verfolgten und nicht religiöse Verfolgten wie die Hugenotten. Aber einmal wird Berlin ihr klares Protest finden, d.h., nachdem sie den westlichen Lebensstil durchschaut hat. Und nachdem sie ihre Auseinanderssetzung mit der Vergangenheit mehr komplet vollzogen hat, wird sie wieder erstehen und den Menschen einen neuen westlichen Europäischen Mensch zeigen, der nicht diese Welt kaput macht, sondern eine Lösung, ein neuen Weg in die Zukunft für die Menschheit bietet.


In English:

Berlin’s special calling is through Christ, the light of the world:

Berlin is suffering as a city, not only because it is divided and humiliated, (because alien powers make decisions for it and for the once proud people of Berlin) but Berlin can also not be taken seriously in its suffering because of the shadow cast over it from the past.

The humor of the Berliners will be a real help and the old Prussian tolerance will once again experience a break-through, but this time for politically persecuted people rather than religiously persecuted ones like the Huguenots. But one day Berlin will discover a clear protest, that is, after it has seen through the shallow western style of life. Then after it has come to terms more completely with its past, Berlin will arise again and show people a new western European human being, who does not destroy this world, but finds a solution, offering the world a new way into the future.


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April 5, 2014 at 8:19 pm

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NEW EP by marc maynon “Download Jesus”

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by marc maynon
Download Jesus_Cover
Pick up your copy of the 2013 EP today and hear what others have been saying…
“Download Jesus reminds one of the best of The Carpenters mixed in with early solo work by Paul McCartney. A bright future is ahead of Marc Maynon.” 
-Tate Swindell Unrequited Records
“… a lighthearted affair with a folk rock vibe, almost poetic in nature.” 
-Doug Garnett SKOPE Magazine
…a very fun album to listen to.”
 -Max Mcgee The Daily Bruin

“Anyone with an interest in power pop-rock with piano, drums, guitars, and great vocals should check out Marc Maynon’s “Under A Stone” today. Anyone with ears will love it.”
– Matthew Forss Review You


If you’d like to purchase a hard copy EP contact Marc Maynon at

Download Jesus FRONT

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February 17, 2014 at 10:49 am

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My Website has over 216,000 hits. Check out the most popular ones

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Check out Jason’s page to fight malaria!

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April 6, 2013 at 6:11 pm

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Resurrection Roses” (The roses arose.)

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Check me out! I’m putting my sayings on Twitter: see krey_peter

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See krey_peter

Check me out! I’m putting my sayings on Twitter. Very often I think of short sayings and then I just forget them. You might find them helpful and in some I even try to be funny. Like Nora says, “Twenty thousand comedians unemployed and you’re trying to be funny?”

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February 15, 2013 at 12:17 pm

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